Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Okay everyone, for those of you who know me really well, know that I am not a big fan of Rexburg. (That is an understatement). Rexburg has become my enemy more than my friend. Every morning I wake up in this town, I realize more and more how much I just am not supposed to be here. The second I stepped foot into this "out in the middle of NOWHERE" place was FIVE years ago. Why am I still here? Well my husband finally got an internship in Utah, and just when I thought everything was working out the way I had wanted it to, Rexburg gets in the way. We cannot find anyone to buy our contract, which means i will be stuck here until we do. So while I am stuck here, i figured I would let my frustrations out on this town. Here are the top 10 reasons (at least) that I hate about REXBURG.

10. There is a policeman on every corner of this town watching your every move and even if you don't move they still watch you. (don't ever be alone in the car with someone of the opposite sex parked somewhere because they will flash a shiny light in your face and pull you out of the car)

9. The city of Rexburg decided to charge you for parking anywhere near campus, which means you now have to buy a parking pass if you have to drop off lunch to your husband.Oh, and Idaho Law says they can pull you over even if you are going 1 over the speed limit (happens to me all the time)

8.I learned my first semester to never be too close to the street while walking because the local teenagers think it is funny to throw whatever they have at you. (my friend had yogurt thrown on him once, I was lucky and just had a water balloon)

7. Because this is a college town, majority of the people are not from here and don't know how to drive in the snow. I fear for my life when winter comes.

6. Just recently, the City of Rexburg decided to pave the roads in gravel instead of asphalt because it was cheaper. Due to this decision, i have a crack in my windshield from another car shooting a piece of gravel at my car. Thanks Rexburg.

5. There is no such thing as a dollar menu at Wendy's in Rexburg because we live out in the middle of nowhere. Everything is more expensive since it cost more to send everything to a town that is in its own bubble.

4. NO TARGET, need I say more.

3. Eric and I are so excited to leave so we can actually enjoy good food. We are tired of eating the usual here: $5 pizza, wendy's,the infamous cheap mexican food, oh and I think we are done with sandwich places because there are now 3 subway's in Rexburg and
5 other sandwich stores in this town....tight.

2. The summer time is what everyone looks forward too because we are stuck indoors for more than half of the year. So there is not really much to do. My sister-in-law says her favorite place to hang out is at Wal-mart, which tends to be the place to hang since half the town is there whenever I go. Looks like it's watching a bunch of movies for me this weekend.

1. Finally,the reason I even started writing down my thoughts for Rexburg. The number one reason why I must leave this place and why I would never suggest anyone to live here.... this

I woke up this morning to find this in my comfort zone. It is April 13 and snowing outside. Tell me....would you want to live here?