Monday, March 22, 2010

Ethan's Blessing

This weekend was amazing! Ethan was blessed by his great daddy!It was a fun weekend with the family and my little sister Katie and her husband came to visit and be apart of the whole thing. We are so grateful for family and for the many blessings we have been given from our families. Eric and I are already so happy to be parent's and to start our son's future out the right way. We love him so much and he is just the cutest little boy that we know!

Here we come UTAH!!!!

Eric got an internship with CH Robinson! We are so excited and yes that means one step closer to leaving REXBURG!We are not sure when we are leaving but hopefully soon. He will be working in Lehi, UT as a sales intern. We are both very excited but also nervous.

I am also really excited to be moving next to my sister, Katie!I also cannot wait to eat good food for once! Chipotle here I come! There are so many things that we are gonna do when we get there. We are gonna have a blast there and Eric will be a workin' man while I will be a happy mom with my little guy. I am so excited to have a family and begin our journey in Utah.