Monday, May 24, 2010

Should we get Satellite?

Okay, so we just moved into our new apartment and it so far has been a pretty nice deal. The only downside to this apartment was there was no cable or satellite. We are not able to access cable so satellite is the only option. I, being the t.v/movie buff that I am, thought it would be a challenge that I could finally conquer. It has been almost a month and I am dying! I miss a lot of my shows including this:

I have become addicted to this is sad, but true. For some reason the drama of it all, (and the "New Yorker" attitudes) attract me enough to stay up late at night just to watch the show. I am hooked! Unfortunately the internet does not show all of their shows and I am a little sad about it.

Which brings me back to satellite. There are so many shows that I am missing out on and it is making me sad...... but is it worth it? I just don't know. I am alone in an apartment for most of the day and I need something to do whenever I don't have a car. Yes I go on walks and I get out, but that doesn't take up the whole day! I need my "Oprah" and "Ellen" during my naps, and I need my "Office" and "Glee" at night!!!!! Is this just hopeless or should I sacrifice something to get Satellite.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

We MOVED!!!!!!

It's official.....we moved to Utah. Now we can say we lived in Utah, just like every other Mormon has. I am so happy to be here. It is beautiful here! I love stepping out of my apartment and seeing the Mountains. We also live very close to family and friends and lots of shopping and good food! We are so happy to be here and we may be here for a long time if Eric decides to go to BYU Law School....we will see. Ethan has been doing good. He loves his new room and we are even working on getting him to sleep in his very own bed and not next to mommy. I have decided that my son is attached to me and as much as I love it, I know it will just get harder the older he gets. Here are a few pics of the new home and of my little guy.

The little guy's room.