Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I Heart CHIPOTLE!!!!

So I went to Chipotle today because I crave it everyday. Unfortunately, I cannot eat it everyday so I wait until I have a good excuse and then I indulge myself with the most heavenly food on earth. Speaking of heavenly.... every time I eat Chipotle, I immediately think, "Can I have this in Heaven when I get up there?" I am very serious about this too. That is the level of my infatuation with Chipotle. No words can explain the love I have for that place. No words can explain how much I love that place. I live off of their delicious food. It has become at times my happiness and my one place of total satisfaction at times. Chipotle and I are like a teenage girl and Justin Bieber. I weep every time I enter the doors and smell the fresh food.
You may think I am crazy, but I am not the only one who thinks this way. There are more out there just like me, anticipating the day they arrive to the heavenly gates and find out that Chipotle is the food of choice up there. PERFECTION, it would be. One can only hope. If not, then it just means I have to eat as much Chipotle as possible before I die. You may think I am obsessed, but really, I am just in love.