Monday, October 3, 2011


We had a blast this conference weekend. It was pretty much a "stay at home" weekend. We did nothing but watch conference this weekend. I know it sounds boring, I thought it would be, but it was raining the entire weekend so it was nice to stay inside. Since Time Warner is lame and does not offer BYUtv, we ended up watching conference on our laptops. I was able to be spiritually edified as well as physically edified because I was able to watch conference in my kitchen while I was making a pumpkin roll.

It is weird, not going to church on Sunday but I have to say that I kinda liked not getting ready for the day (which is why there are no pictures of me. Here are some pictures of Ethan and Eric during conference.

I am so grateful that I got to spend the whole day with my son and my husband listening to wonderful talks that were given by such wonderful people. I love conference weekend and the spirit that it brings into my home. I can't wait for next April!


Shopkins said...

oh Ethan is so cute!!! And i love your bed spread? where did you find it?! So glad you enjoyed conference weekend! I loved it too! :)

Angie O said...

I love conference, too :)
Just wanted to say that I love your comforter and matching desk! Cute... and cute boy, too ;)

The Baron Buds said...

I am so glad you guys love my bedding! Thanks for all the compliments! Unfortunately I have no clue where it is from because I got it from my Grandma.

Kristy Rohrer said...

Aww such a cute family! Miss you guys! Did someone say pumpkin roll?! Haha, loved it when you made that. Also, I love your bedding.

Jenny said...

Your boy is getting so big an is adorable. So glad you guys are doing so well! We miss you.