Thursday, October 13, 2011

Teaching Ethan Sign Language

So I have been really frustrated trying to teach Ethan to talk and I have realized that my son will talk when he wants to and I can't just use other ways to communicate. We started teaching Ethan a couple weeks ago a few things to say in sign language just to help him out with communicating. He has done such a great job so far, that I am gonna look into teaching him more. My son is the best! I love him so much and I am grateful to have a little boy that listens to his mommy most the time.

UPDATE: Just an update on our life. Eric and I love living in Mentor. We are surrounded by trees and I love it! The fall is beautiful. The only complaint I have is that it rains a lot. Eric's job is going well and we love that we are in a ward with others who are just starting their careers too. We look forward to our future and can't wait to see where we will end up!


Shelly Carter said...

I am so impressed what a great thing to teach him.

Shopkins said...

did you ever find that app?! He is so cute Allie!! So smart! Hope you are enjoying Ohio!!